Monthly Archives: April 2014

Trust Him In Every Moment


“Trust God!” these are words many have heard at some point or another in life. Someone may be waiting on a call from that dream doing the one thing you’ve always dreamed of. There are those times where you may be going through trials and people will tell you “Trust God!”. We often hear this when big decisions are made or when we are in a tough season but is our trust in God based on specific circumstances? Psalm 31:14-18 says ‘Desperate, I throw myself on you:you are my God! Hour by hour I place my days in your hand, safe from the hands out to get me.’ [MSG]. Now when I first read it checked my spirit! You mean I need to literally place every single moment of my day in Gods hands? In all honesty I would give God times throughout my day when I would come to Him or really focus on trusting when something big was going on, but just in the moment by moment times of my day I would try to pull my own weight and put trust in myself. I’d get all frantic and wonder what in the world am I going to do about this? and because I felt like it was too ‘small’ to bother God with, I’d just get more and more overwhelmed and start to get whiny and complain!

When Moses was leading Israel they came to Marah (bitter) and the water there was bitter so they were not able to drink it. The people began to complain and asked Moses what they were going to drink. Instead of joining in with the complaining in this situation that did not look so hopeful Moses immediately called on the Lord and trusted that He would provide what they needed. (Exodus 15:22-27)

 I’ve had to learn that even in the small moments I have to give it to God and seek His guidance and direction and trust that regardless of what He leads me to do it is for my good and to ultimately glorify Him.

I just want to encourage you this week to trust God in every moment of your day, start your mornings off seeking His face and listening for what the Holy Spirit is leading you do and be open throughout your entire day to hear His voice and let it lead you without any resistance.

Don’t let the waters of Marah in your life keep you from trusting God!

I love you and Jesus loves you!