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How Do You Respond To Change?


For some people change is easy! It is something we readily welcome into our lives. We love the idea of a new adventure, and adapt easily to whatever the transition may be. For others change seems to destroy our entire life, it throws us off course, it sends us into a world of confusion and we avoid it at all cost. We like to remain in familiar places with familiar faces. Regardless of what side of change you fall on it is inevitable that we will all face change and transition in our lives.

I fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum when it comes to change. I don’t mind long as I have time to prepare for it! Sudden changes, even if its something as simple as plans with friends being altered can sometimes make my nerves bad. But at the same time I am very adaptable! I may have a brief meltdown, but I usually bounce back quickly.

I’m currently in my last year of graduate school and as apart of my program I’m required to do an unpaid internship and because of this I had to leave my full time job a lot sooner than I planned. When I first learned that I needed to do this I was nervous. Yes, I still live at home with my parents but I generally take care of myself when it comes to bills, food, clothing, day to day spending etc. so I began to get anxious about what I would do for money and survive during this time. I’m used to working, so this was going to be a big change.

At first I was bored and had no clue what to do with myself, I was in bed way to long and up way too late at night! Even though I had school work and an internship to attend every so often, I felt like I had way too much time on my hands and it bothered me immensely and thats when I realized..THIS IS PERFECT!  When my schedule was so packed my 1 on 1 time with God wasn’t always the longest, I felt like I had began to squeeze Him in, instead of Him being the first priority! So this time I had was the perfect opportunity for me to get back to being disciplined in my alone time with God, write, and study the Word more! Now I’m beginning to embrace this time and although I know I’ll go back to working soon, the time I have now is priceless and its laying the foundation for me to continue making sure I spend time with Him and I’m certainly not going to take it for granted.


So how do you respond when a sudden change or transition you didn’t plan for happens in your life? Do you go through it kicking and screaming? Or do you embrace the moment? It’s all about your perspective! Look for the God (yes, I said it correctly) in your situation! Ask yourself what is God trying to do in this situation? What does He want me to learn? How does He want me to grow? What does He want me to remove? The Lord will never take you through a season and not be there with You the whole time. He longs to see the best He put in you to flourish for His glory, so embrace the change and don’t allow it to become a place of fear and negativity!

A time to plant, and a time to pluck what is planted. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:2

I love you & Jesus loves you more!!