Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing


In the book of Luke (10:38-41) we come to a story of of Jesus and the disciples coming to a village and visiting the home of two sisters, Mary and Martha. Mary was clearly beyond excited to be in the presence of Jesus so she sits at His feet, hanging on His every word. Martha was so focused on preparing the house for her guest, and she got annoyed that Mary was so caught up in Jesus that she complained asking Him if he cared that Mary was leaving her to do all the work. Then she put a demand on Jesus and told Him to make her help her out.

Jesus tells Martha that “few things are needed- indeed only one” and Mary had chosen what was better. In this story of Mary and Martha we see that Mary decided to keep the main thing the main thing.

I can admit that there has been times in my walk with Christ that I got so caught in “doing” things for Him that I slacked in my one on one time with Him. Of course He has called us to serve with excellence, but does that trump spending time at His feet and allowing Him to minister to us?

It is important that we remember through all the serving and “doing” for God that we be intentional about taking time to spend with Him. Do you want God to say, “I never knew you” because you were so caught up in doing good deeds, instead of building a relationship with Him? Building your relationship with God is what is going to sustain you when serving becomes overwhelming for our physical bodies and mental capacities.

Make sure you keep the main thing the main thing and the main thing is Christ!

Strengthen that relationship and serve. If we have been in constant communication with our Heavenly Father, we will be so filled with Him, that we won’t complain like Martha did or allow or serving to become something we do out of duty instead of pure worship and devotion to Christ. We have to learn to balance our worship and our work (serving) and we do that by worshipping as we work, as my Pastor would say.

Struggling with this? Below are a few tips for building and continuously strengthening your relationship with Him in the midst of your serving:

– Read God’s word EVERYDAY! Maybe you’re just getting started with reading the Word, don’t try to start off reading entire books or chapters, you could meditate on one proverb a day and build on that, just continue to read His word.

– Write! Because I love writing journaling has always been quite therapeutic for me, and writing to God is amazing as well because it allows you a chance to look back and see how you’ve grown or what God has revealed to you over time

– Spend Time: Just spending time in Gods presence can help you develop in your relationship. Talk with Him through prayer and listen as much as you pray so that He can continue to reveal His truth to you. Set aside a specific time each day to just pray and allow God to pour back into you.

Take some time to study that passage this week and allow God to reveal to you how you can apply it in your life!

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