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While They Can Still Smell Them…(Roses)


Everyday we wake up, we go through our routines. We go to school, go to work, drive around hang out with friends, and more likely than not we receive text messages from friends. Often we are so busy and caught up in our day that we forget to respond to the person, or decide that a response can wait.

On Saturday October 1,2011 I received a text from a good friend of three years that read:

“ I really like you, I want to get to know you more and possibly pursue a relationship.”

We talked to each other often and saw each other throughout the week while at work or just on campus. I read this message and was surprised by it because this entire time I had no clue that he had felt this way, I needed time to think about how I wanted to respond to that because I had never really thought about it and I didn’t want to ruin a good friendship if things didn’t work out. Sunday passed, Monday passed, and on Tuesday October 4, 2011, I received a text message from my cousin that my friend suddenly died playing basketball at the campus recreation center. I thought “ No way, he just wrote me the other day and I saw him driving around campus in the security van. I went onto his facebook and saw all the wall post ‘R.I.P’ was plastered on his wall over and over again. Immediately my heart sunk to the floor, so many things ran through my head “How did he die?” “He was so young” “I never got to respond to him”.

That night as I tossed and turned in my bed I wrote him back, I knew he would never see it but I wrote him back to tell him exactly how I felt and I never really knew how much I cared about him until he wasn’t around anymore. During the first week after he passed I was a complete emotional wreck. It was hard going to work because that was the last place I saw him in person, and every time a campus security car rides into the parking lot near my job, I longed for him to step out of it and walk across the lot and into my office with a smile on his face.

He had such a kind spirit, he left a great impression with all those he came in contact with. I remember a particular post written about him that will stick with me forever “He was taken away from us by the very thing we all loved him for- an enlarged heart.”  He had such a great impact on my life and even though only for a short while I am glad to have known him, call him a friend and to have shared the memories that we did. There will never be a day that goes by that I won’t think of him.

I shared this particular story to encourage you not to wait until someone is gone before you express how you feel about them or what you think about them. If someone is a great friend, tell them. If you love someone, tell them. If you think someone is a great role model, tell them. If you think your parents are amazing, tell them. There is nothing wrong with being honest about what you feel. Don’t take advantage of the fact that someone is here and you have time to tell them this or that. Tell them right now, while they can still smell the roses.

For Shane 1990-2011

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