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2016: Got Faith Goals?


Well folks, it looks like we’re coming to the end of another year! With a year ending comes endless social media posts about all that things that we are either leaving behind in 2015 or the things we will pursue in 2016. Often times these posts consist of starting a business, making and saving more money, traveling more, paying off debt, or starting an exercise regimen.

While all of these all great things, this morning I woke up and wondered how much would our lives be enhanced in the new year if instead of focusing so much on the “being a better me” goals, we wrote down our faith goals for the year. What Is A Faith Goal? I look at these as goals to help you grow deeper in your relationship with God! After all, when we begin to align our lives correctly with God, he will begin a work in us so great and everything that is for our lives will be attracted to us.

So in the next few days while you’re taking moments to reflect and figure out what you want out of life for 2016, I encourage you to take time to figure out how you want to grow in your walk with Christ in the New Year!

I’ll share a few of mine with you and the reasoning behind them!

Monthly Book of the Bible Study: Although I try to read my Bible everyday, I want to go more in depth during my study time, so for this year my goal is to focus on a book each month to study and explore. For January I’ll start to the Book of Romans!

Study & Develop Spiritual Gifts: I’ve always ran away from the spiritual  gifts God has blessed me with, mostly because I didn’t understand how to use and apply them in my everyday life. So I have a goal to study these gifts so I can effectively use them in the purpose He has for my life!

Pray For An Hour Everyday: This is something that has been on my heart to do for awhile. Prayer is so essential in our relationship with God, just like any other relationship. If I can spend an hour on social media, watching a movie or talking to a friend, I should be able to spend a consistent hour in prayer with my Heavenly Father. I won’t jump right into this, but will start with 15 minutes straight, then 20 minutes etc. until I’m able to pray for an hour straight with no distractions.​

~Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.~ Colossians 2:7

What Are Some Of Your 2016 Faith Goals? Share with me in the comments!




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Adjust Your Perspective


I am a Snapchat queen! I love that app! I think being able to record 10 second videos or photos that can be like a mini movie is awesome! I don’t know why I needed to tell you that, well I guess it sets up the back story! Just flow with me here! Anyhow, I woke up this morning and when I opened my eyes my glasses were laying next to me and I thought it looked cool against the polka dots on my pillowcase, so I opened Snapchat and took a picture, and then it made me think about our view or lens when we deal with things in our lives and how it’s often different from God’s view.

Your job is laying people off and you will be without a job. How do you react? Do you go into panic mode, wondering how you will provide for yourself?

Your doctor has informed you that you have a disease that is threatening your life? How do you react?

Well when that job loses YOU, put your hope in the Lord and know that He is your source and He will sustain you!

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

When the doctor tells you, you’re sick don’t claim defeat in that moment. Be proactive about whatever sickness you’re dealing with, gain knowledge about it and go to battle! He is a healer and He has the power to heal your body.

But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we are healed. Isaiah 53:5

We have to learn to look at the events that happen in our lives from God’s perspective. When everything seems out-of-order, go to His word, go to Him in prayer, worship and praise Him! Don’t allow the things of this world to rule your life and have the final verdict on your life! Get a new perspective and ask Him to show you things through His lens.

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Enjoy Your Life

So the holidays are over, you’ve spent time with friends and family(which if you’re an introvert like me, you love spending time but it drains your energy when so many people are around!), you’ve stressed out about what gifts to buy and ate more food than you can handle. Although this time can be considered a break for some, I want you to ask yourself did you really take a break?
We often move so quickly through life, going from one moment to the next without taking the time to just breathe and enjoy the world around us. God created this wonderful thing called earth and there are so many fascinating things, people and places that we have yet to experience because we’re too busy focused on money, bills, clothes, drama, media etc.
Now I know everyone can’t get up this minute and book a flight to Africa to experience the beautiful scenery and culture. But you can get out of your house, put your smart phone away and go for walk to enjoy the nature in your neighborhood. Breathe in some fresh air for a change and reflect on the Creators creation!! Go visit a historical landmark in your city, drive a few towns over and enjoy a new place, try the food there, meet some new people.
I just want to remind you not to get so caught up in everyday mundane task that you don’t have time to truly enjoy life. I encourage you to take at least one day (or a few hours) out of the week to so something fun and exciting!
I love you & Jesus loves you more!!
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Recharge and Refuel


We all encounter times when we feel drained, burnt out and have little energy. We may feel discouraged about a particular situation and just to put it simply we feel BLAH as if our batteries are drained! I think it is important to know how you are fueled and what refreshes you, so I thought I’d share some of the things that refresh and encourage me.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life: When ever I’m feeling down all it takes is even 5 minutes away from the chaos to be alone with my Heavenly Father and talk with him to lift me back up. Usually I know I haven’t talked with Him when I am feeling down, so this is always my #1 to turn to when I need encouragement.

MUSIC: I really think I was supposed to be musical (sing, play an instrument or something!) I love music, all kinds and whenever I need energy or to feel refreshed I can put my earbuds in and it will give me an instant boost!

Researching: I love to learn so if there is a topic I’m particularly interested in such as natural hair, I go online and read about. It’s something I love so learning more about it puts me in a good mood.

Reading: It’s Reading. It’s awesome. The End. 🙂

Going To The Movie Theater Alone: This is one of my favorite things to do, especially during a matinee. I’ll more than likely be the only one in the theater and its just relaxing to kick my feet up(don’t tell the employees:) and enjoy a great film!

Writing: It’s Writing. It’s awesome. The End. 🙂

Girl Time: I am a true introvert but hanging out with my friends can not only be refreshing but also encouraging! Just getting together having girl talk and talking about life or just being silly always gives me energy.

My Little Sister: I know you might beg to differ, but I have the BEST sister in the world. She’s hilarious, we are complete opposites on so many levels but she gets me and I can always be myself around her!

Building LEGOS: This is a new one! I was recently at Barnes and Nobles and saw a child playing with LEGOS and I thought “That looks fun, I want some!” So I bought them along with a new book and when I get home I started building and it turned out to be surprisingly relaxing and it really cleared my mind up and aloud me to focus.

Well I shared my list with you. Maybe these things might not float your boat, but take some time to think about what or who refreshes you, so when the stressors of life try to attack you know exactly what to do to bring peace back into your world!

I love you and Jesus loves you more!

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