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Stay Ready & You Won’t Have To Get Ready



I’ve had a variety of jobs in different industries. Although these jobs were all different one thing was always consistent. I would walk into work one morning and all the supervisors or managers would be in panic mode. I would hear over and over “Corporate is coming!” No matter how many times I’ve watched this scenario play out, I always laugh because all of a sudden everyone wants to appear as if excellence is in the DNA of the company and that they’ve been prepared. This got me to thinking why do we wait until the moment something happens to prepare ourselves?

When you’re standing at the altar about to be married, you don’t automatically become a wife or husband in that moment, you should have been preparing before then by reading books on marriage, studying other married couples, living a life that a future husband or wife would be proud of.

When its time for you to graduate, you can’t just all of a sudden put some effort into your courses in the last month of school and expect to show up  and think you’re going to walk across that stage if you haven’t done so before then.

I’m not sure where this idea came from but I’ve heard it many times. If you were standing in an elevator and someone offered you your dream job would you be ready for it? Have you properly prepared for the life you desire? Or are you waiting until the last-minute to throw something together?

Should we only strive for excellence when people are around? The work and preparation we put in while in private will promote us and help us excel in public. Let’s not wait until the opportunity presents itself to be prepared and walk in excellence. Let’s strive to do this even when no one is watching so we stay ready and never have to worry about getting ready.

I love you and Jesus loves you more!



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