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A Nugget From “NeeNee”

Guest Post by Whitney Faeth

So, my 2-year old god-daughter just taught me the secret to success in life! Wanna know what it is?….Sure you do!

Find what you love…and give it everything you’ve got!

I know…pretty profound isn’t it. Sitting on thousands of dollars of debt that has accumulated over the past 10 years built solely on the idea that pursuing a college education would certainly point me in the right direction for lifelong security…I had to take a moment and ask myself, “Was it all worth it?” After working straight out of college, I still felt a void thinking daily, “There has to be something to all this education-talk than sitting behind this desk spending hours upon hours away from my family only to repeat it the next day.” Granted the work I was doing was meaningful and offered me the opportunity to build something I believed in…it still seemed to leave me searching for something I hadn’t quite recognized but knew existed.

So I stopped and rerouted my life in hopes of being better positioned to be a support to my family and pursue this mysterious tug. Thinking I could find it in a textbook, I re-enrolled in college 4 years after graduating to pursue a graduate degree with the support of family and friends. Half my classes done and BOOM there it was again. Though I was studying something I truly believed in…lack of fulfillment reared its taunting little head again. Back to square one-there has to be more! It just so happened the hubby was on a similar journey of self-discovery and included me as not only his life partner but business partner and things began to shift. At first I thought, “What in the world am I doing leading a group exercise class?” Then I started to like it…then love it. Something about motivating and encouraging people to be their best selves poured life into my reservoir. But fitness? Never would have thought in all my days that this was the direction my life would take. I’ve always been gifted in administration and have had a passion for youth but never understood WHY such a gap between the two.

After additional evaluation I realized it wasn’t about the exercise, it was about the people and seeing them invested in themselves even when things were difficult and the odds were against them. It was seeing people united and supportive of each other because of a common goal to achieve better health and be around for their families. It was the look of despair transformed into a confident look of victory after just 60 minutes of people really challenging themselves to push themselves beyond themselves. AH-HA! This is it, this is the reason I’m here. I spent years trying to categorize myself and fit my life into a specific industry that I never realized all this time a broader reason for my existence. Believers call it the spiritual gift of exhortation given as a gift by God for the body to accomplish Kingdom works in the earth (Romans 12:8, 1 Timothy 4:13). Its defined as an address or communication emphatically urging someone to do something. It ties everything together so clearly! My love for youth, my gift of administration and rejuvenating fitness experiences all afforded me the opportunity to exhort people whether verbally, administratively or physically I am most fulfilled helping others find their fulfillment.

My 2-year old god-daughter can’t quite pronounce my name so she calls me NeeNee. Yesterday she ran up to me while I was engaged in conversation and began to call out my name, “NeeNee, NeeNee, NeeNee!” While doing this she simultaneously giggled and moved back-and-forth, side-to-side in excitement. It absolutely melted my heart and I thought… “Wow” its amazing how communication whether through words or body language can completely shift someone’s world. Her pure unadulterated love for me, undoubtedly because of the love I show toward her prompted a response that made it all make sense. If I can do that for others in whatever avenue God leads me…and if I can do it well out of the purest place in my heart, the way my little princess did that for me I would most certainly count my life a success knowing it in fact was all worth it.


Whitney Faeth and her husband Travis are the owners of Cre8ive Life Fitness. They specialize in personal training, group exercise and wellness. To learn more visit http://www.cre8ivelifefitness.com/

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